9:30 am Essay - Design is Political(vishnus

2:00 pm Drift

Signing in. Attendance. A system is adopted by the institute.The values and environment. A march directed by conducted imposed and practiced towards?

the jump
We walked and stepped into the installation :AXIS bank branch in yelahanka

The young chubby kid on a cycle stops infront of the bakery. He must be coming after tutions. He steps in quickly buys a big slab of chocolate. He doesnt wait. Unwraps the bar fast with least of emotions and pause. He throws away the whole packaging and takes a huge bite off it. He casually gets on the cycle and continues eating the whole bar.

indulgence makes her happy???

The coke ad: image. construction . Real people eating and sipping juice beside me. The coke ad.

A huge pile of soil and sand on the side of the road.A group of people are picking it up with shovels and throwing it into a carriage box which is connected to a tractor. The tractor has a huge engine. They might be buying or selling this soil.A water carrier drives by, the driver talks to the tractor driver. Hey i still havent found compressors for air cylinders.

The March: walk away:MARCH! the stroll,you are too slow: the other direction please:
fear of an unknown?
Self termination?


How skin pigments work. the Caucasians from the cooler parts of the world have fairer skin and africans and south asians the warmer parts have darker skin.
Darker hues absorb more light and therefore becomes more warm.
On what logic does melanin work. what is the function and logic

Sound: ways of 'listening/hearing?'

INDUSTRY is the center.
"no man,Learning efficiently"
ok two words learning and efficient = ONLY ONE WAY TO DO IT!!!!!! hahaha

Sangama : where does it come from? Aha! The world view there.
" you may not fit into the industry"

Nature: cyclic system , humans were a mistake of the evolutionary process and therefore fundamentally flawed

I am cynical about my department.

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