He sat there and his eyes focused onto the black board. He breathed heavily and exhaled, the white chalk dust flew into the air. Mr,Shashi was feeling tired but he was about to turn around and face the class. The mister title got stuck to his name after three decades of teaching. There were odd screeches of the tables shuffling feet and the fan creaking. But rest was silence. There was a pause, and then he resumed. The clarity with which algebra revealed itself in the class was of pristine beauty. His internal flame lit up with his engagement with the subject. His memory worked with ease but he never recollected words from the last class, There was always something new. Like the joy of finding a new semi-tone while practicing your daily scale in the slowest possible way.

This was wat Mr.Shashi was supposed to do. He felt The idea seeped into his head and he relaxed. It was two hours and twelve minutes since he started, he coughed, looked into his watch and then took count. “1.Balu…present sir, 2. Shravan… yes sir,”

He stepped out, and walked a few steps. He closed his eyes and exhaled with a smile. An auto rickshaw stopped right next to him He stepped into the vehicle and with an exchange of glances the rickshaw started. They stopped next the central hospital gate, but the gate opened and the security gaurds nodded. The nurses nodded sheepishly but with a strong gaze. He walked into ward three and found his bed.



and then there are people who personify- Humbleness shine in simplicity.

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