These sets of questions are an inquiry into general phenomenona and insights which took form while making connections between our experiences on our journey and prior knowledge. It might look as if the next important step is research but, since we have moved away from specifics, research can only start from the key words which make up these inquiries.

The above listed phenomena connect with the community as applied ideologies.
For example, the individual either decides to embrace the idea of temporariness or go against. What I am saying is that the next step to these key words will be forming your opinion in these areas. Such multiple takes on these different words can be collated into ideologies which become a school of thought if imbibed and practiced by a large community. Can these new and emerging belief systems be named, articulated and shared? Shouldn’t organizations and individuals practice a more conscious belongingness to ideologies? How can such schools of thought emerge? How can it evolve with changing culture? How can entities subscribe to it? How could it help organizations to communicate their world-view to the public which could result in a volunteering phenomenon where an individual joins an organization since its ideology resonates with the individual? What about this myth of: world –view being seen as,
either incomprehensible philosophy or religion?

Phenomena – your take on it – ideology – community – school of thought
New beliefs – named – shared – how ?

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