this is where the debate begins.

We believe we are right.
They believe they are right.

and we wage war at ideas.. or social constructs..

its a battle of belief systems..

There are layers and layers of misunderstandings and class psychology.
In the age of the visual or image there are always associations and assumptions. The more our lives become exclusive and the media (cable tv and films) become our interface the reality of lives get blurred..

I remember this tamil movie which came like 4 year back ..Where the protaganist visits clubs and pubs and kills women who are apparently 'loose'/slutty/sexually active/alcoholic.. The irony was that these female characters were objectified by the camera for the obvious male population which enjoyed the skin show and gets to relate to the 'morally' right character who apparently killed immoral females..

This dichotomy in the present value system is a big irony.. i know i am not offering you any real world solutions.. but its important to understand that there are belief systems within subgroups of the society..

How do we judge people these days? How do we know what their daily lives contain? Why do we drink or party? How seriously do we take our lives these days? Why do we wear these clothes? What are the non intended messages contained in such practices ?
What does freedom mean to us?What are influences?

The conservationist, liberalism, feminism, there will always be different groups? How do they interface? What is the image of the capitalist society?

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