advertising the internet and calling yourself.

Advertising is huge.. right.. yeah but now its tiny too. .. These popups.. they can fit into anything.. the small window.. the video is loading and then in that pops a small frame.. they are trying everything they ve got.. its insane.. do you remember those old nasty tricks.. "We have detected a virus..remove it by clicking here" and yes soom poor bastards click only to be gifted an antivirus that is a virus.. or you get to make cartoon versions of yourself.. huh.. play the online village game.. wat i thought i had a virus lurking and you want me to register for a game.. wow so i find the virus through the game??

well.. Its going for a toss.. i wonder wat is going to happen next though.. so you click away and then in a place where usually you get 'missing plugins' here comes a new one.. it almost looks the same.. just that its the one that appears in firefox i know that.. but today just for the heck of it i was on chrome.. !! haha well fail fail. but thats wat i am saying they are coming in smaller sizes.. so that you might accidently click them or something.. maybe they'll put small ones just between the close button and maximize.. its going to get more insane.. but wat i have noticced is lots of people have gotten used to just closing it out...it never really comes into your cone of vision.. with customisation.. we have selective vision.. do you know where it reflects when we finally take a break from the laptops.. when we are searching for phones. keys., cars. etc.. almost all of them make sounds when you want to find them.. hmmm maybe not keys.. hey i should keep this to myself this is the next best business idea folks.. damn.. can i a creative commons on this through a twitter or something as i speak??

its fascinating i tell ya.. you just cant find these things anymore.. where is the phone where did it go??? c'mon how many times do you really call your own number to find your phone.. which is probably probably a few feet away.. selective vision i tell you..

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