Anonymous101 for the new Indians

There seems to be a widespread assumption that 'anonymous' is some organisation. I think this ignorance can be seen in many places across the different forums that have come up. People who oppose anonymous quote 'conspiracy theories' and others misunderstand it as some alien body.  Please understand that this is a new form of an Anarchist movement born out of common goals, discussions, debates within common, civilians and citizens (not completely sure) in India and the world of humans. The government sometimes/most of the time act as mere puppets against the interest/growth/good of citizens under the control of corporate giants WHO are NOT elected into power. If the government is not supporting the growth of its nation and people. We do not sit and accept it. We find new ways to fight and 'anonymous' is one of the labels under which we will do so.

If we are representatives of a new generation of intelligent citizens let our rhetoric, knowledge,language and awareness be precise and sharp, to cut through ignorant retorts and assumptions. This specific movement against internet censorship might not be an 'inclusive revolution' we have to admit it is something that affects a few of us at the moment. But please understand the implication of control that is being fought against. It is not the fact that i cant access pirate bay that annoys me. But the fact that if it can be blocked one fine day, that means they can block many other things which are against the governments interest. That has huge implications of control and will eventually effect the people in the slum.

But all said done blanket hate or simplified critique of the government is immature, it is also a reflection of the passive/spoilt youth which wants the government to protect evvery whim and fancy of ours. Let us not be that youth, let us really understand what has been the 'unconstitutional' 'illegal' actions from the government. Let us use that language against them and to spread awareness. This could be the start of a revolution because it does bring new awareness and new groups into the public debate. The sad thing is that the middle class of this nation only wakes up if something happens to them. For e.g pub violence then censorship of file sharing sites. he he he the irony is funny, let us laugh at ourselves for a second. BUT WE ARE aware of bigger atrocities , we do not forget them, let this not be one of those petty triggers that die down, let us slowly dissect each issue, that needs to be discussed, lets keep the fuel running. Let the youth of the nation wake up to form an intelligent aware self disciplined enlightened group against the power hungry selfish greedy powers. We are the 99% !!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE !



This was a compilation of a few impromptu comments written in various forums that have spurred up on Facebook on the Occasion of an OccupyMumbai initiative, where lot of comments seem to be bickering at each other displaying a lack of awareness and understanding about Anonymous and Occupy movements.

So please ignore the craft of the blog entry, but in the process of addressing the various points of view i felt that it sets a fair ground on which we can discuss further.

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