Dreams about Installations

So there has been three vivid dreams (when I actually sleep at night) of art installations these last few months. I remember two of them quite well and would like to put it down here for later.

1. Moving plants on a pool.
Programmable pattern movements of plants on a pool of dark green water, the color of temple ponds. The plants resembling a family of money plants. Appears in organic layout, but starts moving in a synchronized manner. Creating patterns of movement and dance, geometric, precise yet nature like and computer like at the same time.

2. Installation inside a house that opens into a huge indoor/semi outdoor plant garden. There is sound and video work that starts playing on the top right section of the room after one walks into the space. In the center is a rock and plant garden and around it a long oblong/elliptical path.  The sound and video keeps moving from one corner to the other making the visitor move around three time around the central garden, almost mimicking the circular movements around the main temple building. 

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