the next two posts

Stream of Consciousness and music. they were written with no pause(not more than 4 seconds)its not a 'jam' session.(http://deanbedford.tripod.com/jam201.html).. and with absolutely no contact with the far extreme backspace key.

But there was music in the background,there were a few moments with the eyes shut..to start the engines of the projector that processes the music.almost like the reverse of a soundtrack symphony where the compositions are recorded with the movie projected onto a large screen.

i wonder if a symphony is possible in text,any ideas where people jam in the form of text. jam(Jam Session - A spontaneous musical performance.)

it can be spoken word whereas theater is on the boundaries closer to visual.. The NEXT two posts were a resultant of the music from the artist Portishead.

Try reading them with these tracks in the background. describe the experience if it results in any.. "western eyes""humming"both in the album portishead

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