Perhaps the two ladders that appeared could be the new start. One appears from what is popularly considered above, and the other swiftly appears from below. They have been there for a long time, but you never really saw them. Some of them who had gathered took a few steps up. Some of them easily jumped up, as if they had sprouted out from a small corner of the joinery which made the ladder.

With each step he took, he picked up some clothing, and on the next step he wore them. Maybe it gets colder with each step. Maybe its freezing on top and you need to huddle around or wear that woolen jumpsuit you always wanted to buy.

The other one saw the other ladder and carefully took a step. Apparently moving a step down. He unbuttoned twice. Maybe it gets warmer. Suddenly, somebody from above shouted. There was an indistinguishable murmur from the others on that ladder, the one which appeared from the assumed above. A deafening silence was the outcry from beneath.

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