Shift Shaft

That’s so 90s .Friends. Television and life is not the same anymore. Oh did I give away too much already. The gloom over the sky is a natural tendency of a system they say. What is really going on here? Complex social relations, the political cold war or is it all a delusion? I am not the unreasonable pessimist nor the fly on the wall. Is there an onslaught of another dark ages? is this the collective evolution human culture?

Was I hit by the wave. Or did I enter a restricted zone. Is this new found consciousness dark in its nature, or is it just my surroundings? Do people always take an exit when it gets too much. Is the human collective doomed? That sea of grey where all the subtle relationships float. Its not a simple cause and effective setting. The goal is not decipher.. But see. Have people already started acting in that framework. When did the wave of political correctness set in?

Are you hooked onto gossip? Is there an industry running on this human behavior? There is an addiction towards micro scenarios as if it’s the gateway to social systems in general. Somewhere there lies an element of truth. Speaking of truth have you seen this show called ’the moment of truth‘?

The Voyueristic human is caught up between the institutions and individualism. An illusive battle. Look at each product you carry around these days.

The human followed the beauty cream.. The all inclusive ipods.. The death of the specialist.. Ha ha the complete human..armed with the laptop!!

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